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We Deliver Court-Ready Photos and Documents to WIN Your Case

Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance Investigations


Surveillance Investigations

We are Local Orange County and Irvine Private
Surveillance Investigators


We specialize in discreet, undetected private surveillance
for Cheating Spouse / Infidelity and Insurance Fraud cases.

We help Attorneys and individuals by delivering the
photos and facts to PROVE your case.

The Private Investigation industry is male dominated. Female investigators are less assuming, and are able to “blend in” more discreetly. Kudaka Investigations specializes in surveillance. We provide a unique and distinctive approach to handling surveillance cases. We outline and recommend a strategic approach that is applicable to the situation at hand.

photo2When a potential Client contacts us, we obtain as much information to get the complete picture. It is pertinent to conducting a background investigation on all subjects prior to applying surveillance, to get a thorough knowledge and understanding of the parties involved.

Kudaka Investigations are results driven. We do not sit idle in our vehicles to wait for evidence to fall on our lap. You can be ensured that we will be creative and take on a proactive approach to “go and get” the evidence you are seeking.

At the conclusion of the investigation, our Clients will be provided with detailed written reports outlining the course of events during the investigation. We will also produce compelling photographic video evidence to substantiate our written findings.

ii2Kudaka Investigations are experts in obtaining Intel discreetly and confidentially. If your case involves a workplace undercover investigation, our Investigators will thoroughly and effectively resolve difficult situations such as theft, substance abuse, or other forms of employee malfeasance.

If your case involves infidelity, our Investigators will “befriend” the subject investigated in order to gain valuable information.

iiUnfortunately, the need for a cheating spouse investigation has become far too common. Can you identify with any of the following tell-tale signs:

• Working late hours and not answering your calls
• Locking of cell phones with secret passcodes
• Lack of intimacy and interest with spending time with family
• Sudden interest and obsession with appearance – shopping for new clothes and working out

The list goes on. Rely on your instinct. If you suspect your spouse or significant other is being unfaithful, give us a call. We will monitor and document your loved one’s activities with photographic and video evidence. We can uncover and report where they go, what they do and with whom. Be the first to know, not the last to find out. Ask questions, get answers. Call (949) 874-4148 to request a FREE confidential initial consultation.

wfInsurance Fraud committed by greedy or disgruntled employees are still prevalent in the United States. It costs employers and tax payers millions of dollars every year. Too often does the alleged “injured” party takes advantage of the system, as he/she enjoys an active lifestyle that is contradicting to their claim.

Surveillance is an integral part of documenting fraudulent Insurance claim. Kudaka Investigations will strategically monitor and document the employee’s physical activities with photographic and video evidence. We will discreetly capture their full range of motion – bending, lifting, pulling, running, etc.

Surveillance How We Help You WIN Your Case
Kudaka Investigations have extensive background in conducting surveillance investigations. We are experts in covertly monitoring and documenting activities of our subjects and their associates. We utilize advanced technologies to capture compelling evidence with photographic and video evidence.

How We Are Different
Kudaka Investigations are aggressive yet discreet in conducting surveillance investigations. We have extensive training in surveillance protocols and handling of surveillance equipment. Our Investigators excel in obtaining evidence in the most difficult and challenging situations.

➢ Thorough Case Review and Preparation

Upon initial consultation and a thorough understanding of the nature of the case, Kudaka Investigations will identify the case objectives and outline an investigative strategy to obtain our clients’ goals.

➢ Locate and Background Investigations

Locate and Background Investigations may be required in certain Surveillance Investigations. Having more information about the subject and suspects strengthens the investigation at hand and prepares our Investigators for any variables.

➢ Documenting the Evidence in a Court-Ready Investigations Report

We use advanced investigative equipment to uncover and document evidence to obtain our objectives. Not only do we utilize covert and hi-tech equipment, our Investigators document their findings in a detailed written report. Every piece of evidence will be handled with care and discretion, and documented in a compelling fashion to ensure a favorable outcome. All of our clients will be provided with a detailed, court-ready report contained with all evidence and data gathered and obtained through the course of the investigation.

➢ Expert Testimony

Kudaka Investigations also provide courtroom testimony to substantiate our findings. Our legal background and experience strengthens our ability to deliver credible testimony, and handle interrogation by the opposing counsel and present the best defense under cross examination.