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Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance Fraud Investigations


Insurance Fraud Investigations – California



Insurance Fraud is a serious crime that could take a serious bite out of your profits. 

This is why you need an experienced Insurance Fraud Investigator

wfA 2010 study by Accenture, the Insurance Consumer Fraud survey, found that more than 68 percent of respondents say people commit fraud because they believe they can get away with it. Insurance fraud investigations typically require locating hard-to-find individuals who are actively attempting to avoid detection.

We pride ourselves in taking a strategic approach to deliver superior results that give the organization, and attorney a competitive advantage

➢ Thorough Case Review and Preparation

In most cases, it’s dishonest policyholders, insurance industry insiders (i.e., agents, brokers, company execs), who use their knowledge to bypass anti-fraud measures put in place by insurance companies.

➢ How we investigate it.

We will prepare a clear investigative outline to define the direction of the investigation.

➢ Locating and Interviewing Persons of Interest

Like many other white-collar crime investigations, insurance fraud is mostly about following the money trail—which often involves questioning victims and victim companies, reviewing financial documents, and using sensitive techniques like informants and cooperating witnesses. Surveillance (undercover or sub-rosa investigation) is an integral part of documenting fraudulent Insurance claims. Kudaka Investigations will strategically monitor and document the employee’s physical activities with photographic and video evidence. We will discreetly capture their full range of motion – bending, lifting, pulling, running, etc.

Insurance Fraud – How We Help You WIN Your Case
Kudaka Investigations have extensive background in conducting surveillance investigations in insurance fraud cases. We are experts in covertly monitoring and documenting activities of our subjects and their associates. We utilize advanced technologies to capture compelling evidence with photographic and video evidence in mobile, stationary and/or foot surveillance.

How We Are Different

➢ Kudaka Investigations

We are aggressive yet discreet in conducting surveillance investigations. We have extensive training in surveillance protocols and handling of surveillance equipment. Our Investigators excel in obtaining evidence in the most difficult and challenging situations. Kudaka Investigations are well-versed in the laws and regulations in obtaining the evidence our clients need in refuting fraudulent claims.

➢ Locate and Background Investigations

Locate and Background Investigations may be required in certain surveillance investigations. Having more information about the subject and suspects strengthens the investigation at hand and prepares our Investigators for any variables.

➢ Documenting the Evidence in a Court-Ready Investigations Report

We use advanced investigative equipment to uncover and document evidence to obtain our objectives. Not only do we utilize covert and hi-tech equipment, our Investigators document their findings in a detailed written report. Every piece of evidence will be handled with care and discretion, and documented in a compelling fashion to ensure a favorable outcome. All of our clients will be provided with a detailed, court-ready report contained with all evidence and data gathered and obtained through the course of the investigation.

Expert Testimony Kudaka Investigations also provide courtroom testimony to substantiate our findings. Our legal background and experience strengthens our ability to deliver credible testimony, and handle interrogation by the opposing counsel and present the best defense under cross examination.