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We handle Your Case with Discretion and Professionalism

We handle Your Case with Discretion and Professionalism

Family Law Investigations

Family Law Investigations


Family Law Investigations


Kudaka Investigations handles all of our cases with discretion and professionalism.

Whether you or your client is involved in Cohabitation/Alimony matters, Child Custody or Divorce proceedings, Kudaka Investigations are experts in the area of Family Law-related cases. We help Attorneys and private individuals obtain compelling evidence to help support their claim in Courtroom or Mediation proceedings.

Family Law-related matters are almost always perplexed and emotionally challenging. Kudaka Investigations provides professional and preemptive approach to mitigate the process.

Kudaka Investigations are results driven. We do not sit idle in our vehicles to wait for evidence to fall on our lap. You can be ensured that we will be creative and take on a proactive approach to “go and get” the evidence you are seeking.

At the conclusion of the investigation, our Clients will be provided with detailed written reports outlining the course of events during the investigation. We will also produce compelling photographic video evidence to substantiate our written findings.


ii2Cohabitation / Alimony cases typically involve our Client paying significant amount of alimony to their former spouse (typically an ex-wife). The ex is cohabitating, or living with a new beau, thus sharing household expenses. In a typical divorce decree, it mandates that if a former spouse is cohabitating with a romantic partner, the alimony can be eliminated or greatly reduced if the cohabitation can be proven.

In a scenario such as the one described above, our strategy will involve applying surveillance to document the former spouse and the new lover coming and going from the residence, as well as their interacting in public. We will also monitor and document their spending habits. In certain instances, we may collect other types of evidence to support the theory of cohabitation – legally. Whatever approach your circumstances may entail, Kudaka Investigations will outline an appropriate strategy to your unique situation.

CHILD CUSTODYiiEvery child deserves a safe environment. Protecting the welfare of children is the main objective in Child Custody cases. Whether one parent is an alcoholic, mentally, physically or sexually abusive to the child, or simply negligent, we are passionate about procuring the evidence to support our Client’s theory. We will unveil the unfit parent’s lifestyle with compelling evidence to ensure the safety of the child.

wfInvestigation in a Divorce case may entail uncovering hidden assets, documenting the lifestyles of the opposing parties, and documenting possible infidelity – by conducting surveillance and in-depth research/background investigation. Although the use of investigation has declined due to enactment of no-fault divorce laws in California, many Clients secure our services for their peace of mind, or use our findings as a “bargaining tool” in their dissolution.

Whatever your reasons for inquiring about our services, Kudaka Investigations handles all of our cases with discretion and professionalism.