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Criminal Defense Investigations

How We Help You WIN Your Case

How We Help You WIN Your Case


Criminal Defense Investigators – Local in Orange County

Felonies or Misdemeanors – We Help Criminal Defense Attorneys WIN Their Case!

Sexual Assault, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence

Assault with a Deadly Weapon (ADW), Manslaughter and Murder Cases

Kudaka Investigations specializes in local felony criminal defense investigations in Orange County and Irvine. We help attorneys convince the Court there is not a sufficient amount of evidence to justify holding the defendant responsible for the allegations.

photo2Investigation for the Defense can be especially challenging. To win the case frequently requires not only a solid legal strategy, but also the ability to uncover evidence that refute the charges against the defendant. Obtaining critical statements from reluctant, hard-to-locate witnesses can also be taxing.

No matter what the nature of the case is – Sexual Assault and Battery, Child Abuse and Neglect, or Domestic Violence – Kudaka Investigations works with you as your partner for a successful and favorable outcome for your client.  Our strategy and approach entails a meticulous and thorough investigation.  We uncover evidence and obtain complete statements from victims, witnesses, defendants and suspects; as well as detect and uncover discrepancies and inconsistencies during the course of an interview.

Not only do we have the ability to develop contacts and sources of information and connect intervals of time and actions; we are experts at collecting, processing, identifying and classifying evidence to support your case. Kudaka Investigations are also Certified Paralegals that are experts in conducting meticulous and thorough legal research, a crucial aspect of leading a successful criminal defense investigation.

Kudaka Investigations will prepare a detailed investigation report outlining the course of the entire investigation. We will also provide accurate, credible testimony in Court proceedings to further strengthen your case.

photo2Sexual assault cases are, by nature, a sensitive topic. The majority of the victims and even witnesses of crimes involving sexual assault are women. Women relate better to another woman when discussing these types of circumstances. Kudaka Investigations’ female investigators are able to deliver facts that frequently make a difference in the winning the case.

Unraveling the facts, and gathering statements and information from reluctant victims and witnesses may be an exhausting task. Our effective and strategic approach in obtaining their statements that either refutes their previous versions of their story, or uncovering pertinent information favorable to the defense. Kudaka Investigations is your defense advantage  to securing compelling evidence for a favorable outcome for your clients.

photo2Child abuse and neglect investigations are complex and require participation from various family members and different agencies. Thorough case review and preparation is essential. Our Investigators will carefully analyze the allegations and the facts, and examine the discovery files to prepare a clear investigative outline necessary for the case at hand.

This type of investigation also requires the gentle, non-threatening approach to obtain statements from reluctant victims and witnesses. Kudaka Investigations have the ability to get their consent for an interview majority of the time. Further, we are proficient in scrutinizing the statements for any discrepancies or inconsistencies from their original statements they gave to the DA and law enforcement.

photo2As with any criminal cases, domestic violence cases should be investigated immediately after the Police interviews the parties involved. Preservation of statements and any physical evidence to support your defense is crucial. Upon an in-depth review of the discovery files, Kudaka Investigations will gather and process the evidence to recreate the alleged event.

Often domestic violence victims’ and witnesses’ statements may be skewed from the truth. As part of our investigative strategy, we will conduct thorough background investigation on the parties involved to help shed light on their character.

How We Help You WIN Your Case

Some investigators are more thorough than others. Many current private investigators take a pretty standard or “uniform” approach to sexual assault cases. We pride ourselves in taking a strategic approach to deliver superior results that give the criminal defense attorney a competitive advantage:

  • Thorough Case Review and Preparation
    We confer with the Defense Attorney to identify the preliminary defense strategy.
    After we conduct a thorough investigative review of the discovery files (police reports, victim/witness statements, crime scene examinations, lab reports, etc.),
    Kudaka Investigations will prepare a clear investigative outline to define the direction of the investigation.
  • Locating and Interviewing Persons of Interest
    Interviewing the Defendant is always handled in a professional manner.   We have the natural ability to build rapport with the Defendant, and convey the element of confidentiality.  We strategically and systematically steer the interview to get their cooperation to ensure a successful investigation.
  • Careful Examination of the Crime Scene or Situation
    We use advanced technology to carefully examine and analyze the crime scene with diagrams and photographic/video evidence.  We gather and process the evidence to recreate the event in question, and further strengthen the defense strategy.
  • Legally Effective Victims/Witnesses Interviews
    Obtaining statements from victims and witnesses is an art.  Kudaka Investigations provide a sympathetic, gentle, “womanly approach” that victims/witnesses can relate to on a more personal level.  Majority of victims and witnesses in sexual assault cases are women.  Given the nature of the case, these women respond better with female investigators.  Kudaka Investigations are experts in dealing with these types of sensitive matters, and with their legal and investigative experience, are able to gain respect and cooperation of victims and witnesses in order to record accurate, concise and detailed statements.  Every statement will be carefully scrutinized and compared to original statements made to law enforcement and the D.A. for any discrepancies and inconsistencies.

In addition, Kudaka Investigations will conduct comprehensive background investigations of all defendants, victims and witnesses prior to the interviews.

  • Professional Preparation, Documentation and Delivery of Court-Ready Evidence
    As the investigation progresses, we will work closely with the Attorney in preparation for trial.  Every piece of evidence will be handled with care and discretion, and documented in a compelling fashion to ensure a favorable outcome.  All of our clients will be provided with a detailed, court-ready report contained with all evidence and data gathered and obtained through the course of the investigation.
  • Expert Testimony
    Kudaka Investigations also provide courtroom testimony to substantiate our findings.  Our legal background and experience strengthens our ability to deliver credible testimony, and handle interrogation by the opposing counsel and present the best defense under cross examination.